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Chad Connors & Tucker Scott E-mail


Hitting On The Electrician


How much for a blowjob?  Isn't that the question you ask your electrician or construction man?  Scotty B has some Q & A time with Chad Connors, asking all the important questions about Chad's porn career.  How old were you when you began porn?  Is Chad Connors gone or have you seen any of his new material?  Did you enjoy doing porn back in your days? Do you jerk off daily, with what hand and how many times?  Are you easy?  Find out all the answers as Chad reveals his muscular torso with some pretty interesting tanlines.  He still has an amazing sculpted ass. 

Have you missed seeing Tucker Scott's ass?  Check it out as he gives a lingering view of his perky, bubble butt.  Remember, Tucker does what he is told to do and doesn't mind riding some big cocks.  He can even be aggressive while being fucked, just make sure you kiss him.  Ask Dean Phoenix how tight Tucker's hole is...mmm. 



Chad Connors


Tucker Scott


 Jet Set Men


Studio 2000


Falcon Studios


 CockSure Men


Benjamin Bradley E-mail


 A Sculpted Adonis: Benjamin Bradley


Who doesn’t love Benjamin Bradley?  I do, I DO, LOVE the Guy in every way!!!  I lust for him.  If there was ever a human form of a fiery phoenix it would be Ben.  He rose from the ashes to become something more magnificent than one could dream.  He is better than ever, stronger, hotter, more mature and tanned in all the right places.  He is a sculpted masterpiece that Michelangelo would have been pleased to sculpt in marble for all the world to star at!!!!

Benjamin received instant erection status when he first started appearing as a Channel One Exclusive in Chi Chi LaRue movies. Ben, the hot, young, stud, always steals my heart when I see him out marketing himself and his movies.  He is one of the kindest guys in the business with a heart of gold.  He is the perfect gentleman.  I will always remember how polite he was when I met him once in an elevator at a W hotel.

Jason Sparks E-mail



We Love Jason Sparks!


Jason Sparks is a hard man to get ahold of these days, because he is constantly traveling, working hard to bring us naked guys.  We were fortunate to have him at Cocktails With The Stars for a great evening of fun.  We had to take him away from shooting the HOTanta HAWT hotties for our viewing pleasure.  Check out the boys at ClubJasonSparks.com.  We thank Jason for all the hot, horny guys. 

Like all good southern boys, the evening started off with Jason Sparks the Gentleman...and finished with Jason Sparks the hot, dirty, shirtless stud!  We al love some good Southern meat. 


Mighty Caesar E-mail


Caesar's World


Caesar is like a brother to me, as is Nino Bacci.  The three of us used to hang together all the time.  I have so many wonderful photos of us together at Chi Chi LaRue's, where we were all crashing.  Caesar was a MEGA PORN STAR in his own right.  If there ever was a gangbang that you wanted to be invited to, it’s Caesar’s.  We both appeared in many Channel One Releasing’s Live & Raw.  Caesar has a fabulous body that you can tell he takes care of and loves to show it off.  He won many awards including the GayVN for Best Newcomer (2000) and Best Actor (2006).

Jason Hawke E-mail


German Stallion Jason Hawke


What can I say about Jason Hawke?  I have so many fantastic memories and stories, I may have to write some journal entries from our wild and crazy times in West Hollywood.  German born Hawke is not only stunning to look at on film, but this 30 something is even hotter in person.  Jason, Jeremy Jordan (his ex-boyfriend) and I were very close friends for many years.  Hawke is best known for his long relationship with Jeremy and his large body of porn movies.  Cheers goes out to Jason for maintaining a six year long relationship with someone in the same industry while actively filming in numerous movies.  In 2000, Jason first appeared in Jet Set Studios’ Lords of Jet Set Manor.  He is now focusing on his website and his new boyfriend who is also a dear friend of mine.  On some occasions, Jason films for other websites including his own, Click Here To Watch Jason Hawke’s movies online.. or check out his website Clicking Here


Dean Phoenix E-mail


Scorching Hot Dean Phoenix


The hunky, gorgeous and truly a love of my life, Dean Phoenix’ porn career began in 1998 when he filmed a scene with Tanner Hayes in First Time Tryers #9.   I think his best film ever was Naughty & Nice from All Worlds Video Click Here to check it out!  Maybe I'm a bit biased because I was his co-star, but then again I am allowed to be bias, this is my site.  After appearing in over a dozen movies between 1998 and 2000, Dean left the adult industry.   In 2004 he appeared in Colt Studios' Buckaroos, in an award nominated bottoming scene.  Since then the studly Dean Phoenix and his tasty 9” uncut cock have rocked the socks off viewers filming for JetSet Productions in their SUPER HOT sex romp ON FIRE!  Check out their site it has over 50 full length videos to download.  His latest return to the porn spotlight insures that this Mexican born stud has much more in store for those who love to watch him --- Namely Me! His website is located at Dean Phoenix and JetSetMen! Check out all Dean’s movies in our movies area http://movies.nickyoungxxx.com!


Roman Heart E-mail

Roman Heart


You Have Our Hearts

Roman Heart made his first appearance in gay porn in 2005, appearing in Falcon Studios’ Cross Country Parts: One and Two.  The first time I saw Roman was in West Hollywood at the Abbey.  I was celebrating my birthday which happens to be today.   Happy Birthday to me!!!  He is soooo fucking hot with his chiseled features, ripped body and killer bubble butt.  His star power quickly propelled him into a famous mega pornstar.  He won the Best New Comer of the Year award at the 2006 GayVN Awards.  He has worked with many of the best performers, always giving a solid performance.  His Latin-American heritage is enough to make me get all wet and my cock dripping with cum every time I see him.  He has the most gorgeous dark brown eyes, which makes me place him on my coveted list of hottest male models filming today, okay so I wanna fuck him.  Heart continues to film exclusively for Falcon Studios; although in his first role outside of Falcon, he filmed A Rising Star with Jason Ridge for Ridgeline Films. Last year he worked for Chi Chi LaRue in Work Loads.  She was thrilled to work with Roman again.  She had to make her dream come true and sure enough she pulled it off.  Roman has never looked better and continues to keep my cock rock hard.  Seeing it is my birthday, perhaps I'll run into him once again?  Roman’s website is hosted by Falcon Studios: Roman Heart!


Nino Bacci Circa 2000 E-mail



Flashbacks To Nino Bacci, Caesar & Nick Young


Nino Bacci, I totally love this guy!  Nino was probably my best buddy back in the day.  We lived, at the same time, with Chi Chi LaRue, and let me tell ya living in that house made Big Brother look like Disneyland.  Nino Bacci filmed for Channel 1 Releasing, Falcon Studios, Jet Set Productions, All Worlds Video, and many other studios. He and I were some of the first pornstars to star in Channel 1 Releasing’s Live & Raw.  Filming on the same set with him was tough but awesome as I was totally hot for him.  That made working together a double treat, plus he was uncut.  YUMMY!!  Anytime I was in the presence of his beautiful chiseled body, 9” cock and dreamy blue eyes, BAM I had wood.  I'm sure that sounds corny, but this guy is still fucking hot.  I had the pleasure of being in an orgy scene with Nino in Everybody Does Raymond.  I still get hard thinking about Nino naked next to me, both of are huge uncut cocks rubbing together.  He has appeared on the covers of Advocate Men, [2], Jock, Torso, Indulge and Manshots Magazine. Although he isn’t making movies anymore, his work has turned up on certain compilation DVDs released from Great Dane Studios and Falcon Studios (Best of Series).  For his videos check him out on VOD. 


2009 Folsom Street Fair: Part 2 The Raging Stallion Booth E-mail


In The Raging Stallion Tent @ Folsom Street Fair 2009


Right before the Folsom Street Fair, the Raging Stallion crew had just wrapped up shooting a bunch of new content.  Focus/ReFocus was their most ambitious movie to date.  We talked to the movie's key protagonist Cole Streets; as well as, hunky, honcho Kent Taylor about their shooting experiences and what's on the horizon for Raging Stallion Studios.  Scott Tanner, Antonio Biaggi and Ricky Sinz also joined us with super hunks Tony Aziz, Alessio Romero and Damien Dragon.  Thanks goes out to Kent for allowing us to spend time with some of the hottest, muscle, tattooed models in the industry.  Not bad for a days worth of work?  Enjoy the men!!




2009 Folsom Street Fair: Part 1 E-mail


The Hottest Porn Stars At San Francisco's Folsom Street

Fair 2009

We have so much awesome footage from 2009's Folsom Street Fair, enjoy all the hot men and boys in leather!  You'll receive eyefuls of hot, horny porn stars on a steamy San Francisco day.  Here's a taste of mostly naked men we came across running around dirty, sweaty and horny.  HOT!  Check out Samuel Colt's rippled muscles, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond's love connection; as well as, Francois Sagat, Eddie Diaz and a taste of the lovely Sister Roma.  She had to do a little chit chatting with Scotty B.  We Love You Sister Roma!!



Stay tuned for part two...


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